The Children's Initial Response Team - information from the Local Authority

The following message was sent by Schools, Children and Families on 27 October 2009

The Children's Initial Response Team is a new service that will work closely with a team of dedicated advisors to take all contacts from Social Care. IRT will make professional judgements as to which contacts meet the Threshold Criteria for Initial Assessments, and will also make appropriate referrals to Assessment and Family Support. The referral process for children's social care will not change, although there will be a greater emphasis on the Common Assessment Framework in the identification of children's needs.

The benefits of the new system

The benefits to schools should be that the responses to referrals are timely, consistent and that referrers should receive feedback on the decision made regarding the destination of the referral.

How the Initial Response Team will be rolled out

The team will be going live quadrant by quadrant, and is already live in the West. The Mid quadrant goes live on Wednesday 11 November 2009, followed by North East on Wednesday 9 December 2009 and South quadrant on Wednesday 10 February 2010.

Briefings on the IRT

Briefing dates are being circulated to ensure that all schools are informed about the new system. If you have not received information about your local briefing then please contact the team on 01206 266068/69

In addition the team will offer a consultation service for schools considering accessing children's social care support for a child (available after each of the launch dates listed above).

Kym Riedling, Service Manager, SCF, 01277 293190